VOPI Founder Celebrates Pancasila Day and Votes for Tolerance in Surakarta

Juni 16, 2024

SuaraHeadline.com – What comes to mind when we hear the words ‘Golden Rule’? For many people, especially the younger Generation Z there is no defined response. There is a prevailing lack of awareness that the Golden Rule, otherwise known as the Ethic of Reciprocity, promotes tolerance and respectful behavior. Doing unto others as we would want to have done to ourselves provides a platform for respect and civility. This universal…


Every Religion Has Teaches The Golden Rule

Januari 20, 2024

SuaraHeadline.com – “The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others…” a documentary commissioned by the Visions of Peace Initiative, made its world premiere screening at the Cinepolis Cinema, in Denpassar, Bali on January 16th, 2024. This film was produced as a collaboration between the American award-winning HQ Creative production team, Indonesia’s award winning Angel Pictures and the Visions of Peace Initiative. The screening was attended by a diverse representation of religious organizations…